Title: Maṅgaladīpanī aṭṭhakathā maṅgala sut (ມັງຄະລະທີປະນີອັຕຖະກະຖາ ມັງຄະລະສູຕ)
Language: Monolingual Pali
Script: Tham Lao
Location: Vat Vitthanyalam, Mueang Khong District, Campasak Province
(ວັດວິທທະຍາຣາມ, ເມືອງ ໂຂງ, ແຂວງ ຈຳປາສັກ)
Date: Undated
Category: Sutta (ພະ​ສູຕ)
Material: Palm-leaf
Complete: No
No. of Fascicles: 2
No. of Folios: 80
Condition: Slightly damaged
Image Legibility: Mostly legible
Colophon: No
Illustrated: No
PLMP Code: 16100204036_03
Remarks: Date given on PLMP Datasheet is BE 2382.

Vat Vitthanyalam (ວັດວິທທະຍາຣາມ), Mueang Khong District (ເມືອງ ໂຂງ), Campasak Province (ແຂວງ ຈຳປາສັກ)
Gregory KOURILSKY (16:50 9-06-14)
The date indicated on PLMP datasheet is correct (colophon on first picture says 2382 CS). The Text details says "undated"

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