About DLLM


An introduction to the Lao literary tradition, previous research on Lao manuscripts, and the work of the Preservation of Lao Manuscripts Programme. Over the course of ten years, manuscript holdings of over 800 monasteries were surveyed, and approximately 86,000 texts (368,000 fascicles) preserved and a central data pool created. Microfilms taken of about 12,000 selected texts are now incorporated in the Digital Library of Lao Manuscripts Collection.

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DLLM Project

Information about the three-year project to produce the Digital Library of Lao Manuscripts, including project partners and collaborating institutions, the people involved, funding sources, overall statistics about the number of texts and digital images, and technical information about the digitisation of the microfilm collection and the DLLM database and website.

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DLLM Collection

An overview of the manuscripts in the DLLM collection, the languages and scripts used, and detailed descriptions of the inventory data and Romanisation systems.

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